Odd Humyns COVID-19 Update

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Hey y’all!

Weird times for weird slimes, right?

Hope y’all are holding up and finding time to take care of yourselves. A lot of folks have asked me recently “what’s your plan for all of this?” And uh, don’t know how to tell y’all this but we don’t have a “National Emergency Protocol” to adhere to. This is a very unprecedented situation for a lot of us small business owners and creatives, and much of us are just trying to sort it all out. What is most comforting though is that this community is full of compassion, and it’s been so amazing to watch folks extend arms of love and support during this time.

Regardless, we’re rolling with things day by day much like you all, and have created a loose plan for Odd Humyns moving forward. After evaluating the state of things as responsible citizens, we’re pro curve-flattening + social distancing (and hope you are too!) This means we’re going to be limiting human contact at the shop - but not closing operations. Here’s what that means for us:

- We will be closed starting this week, but will be open by appointment with a 12-hour notice. Email info@workwithodd.com or message our socials (@oddhumyns) to set up a time. We have been sanitizing heavily used areas and have been avid hand-washers so the space is as safe as what we can control.

- Our School of Odd Figure Drawing Sessions set to begin on March 31st will be postponed until further notice.

- Online orders will continue to be fulfilled through this time, and we’re offering FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS placed today through April 17th, just use code STAYINSIDE at checkout.

Again, we’re taking things day by day and will inform you if there are any sudden changes. Lastly, I’d like to remind everyone that false storylines and inaccurate/unverified information is literally flying through our social channels. Folks are taking every opportunity during this outbreak to create content meant to stoke our fears and spread panic. PLEASE be sure to verify sources, double check reports, do your part in making sure the information you choose to share is accurate.

Ok lastly lastly, if you live in Wisconsin consider an absentee ballot (https://myvote.wi.gov/en-US/VoteAbsentee) for the spring election on April 7th 2020. It takes like 5 minutes and ensures your vote in the event of a potential lockdown.

Lastly lastly lastly, I hope you all take this opportunity at home to slow down a bit, to care for your mind, to spend time doing things that help you feel lighter. Keep ya chins up! Brighter days are ahead. <3

I think that’s all for now.

- Serena + Sarah

4/17/202 UPDATE:

Free shipping has ended, but if you live in Eau Claire or Chippewa Counties, select "Home Delivery" at checkout and we'll deliver your package to you - free of charge. Additionally, if you're looking to get out of the house, we're offering curbside pickup on Wednesdays from 11am to 3pm. Just select "Curbside Pickup" at checkout and include your preferred pickup time in the order notes, or email us a pickup time at info@workwithodd.com. 


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