May 2021 Shop Update!

Posted by Serena Wagner on

Hi hi friends! Serena here.
Long time no see, eh?
It’s been a wild couple months since the shop has been closed. Like I still haven’t really wrapped my head around what the hell happened in 2020, but I'm glad we were able to do our part to keep our community and staff safe. This space I created was meant for community, for gathering, for learning. And DAMN do I miss it. I miss it so much! We as a shop miss it so much that we’ve decided to re-open the shop to the public and holy SHIT WE’RE SO EXCITED!
While we’re super stoked, we understand that we’re not fully out of the water yet. That’s why you’ll see our fully vaxxed staff still wearing masks - and we trust that our Odd Humyns fam will do their part to keep our community safe when they visit. 
We’ve got some events lined up for the summer (hello Pride? The gays called, we’ve been cooped up for too long) and some other things planned as we re-enter the physical world. That said, you can still totally support us from your own comfort level as we’ll continue to offer curbside pickup for locals during our shop hours. 
I think that’s all for now. We’re excited to see you all <3
Take care (and talk to your neighbors!)

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